400 Series

400 Series Index



400                                  Role of and Guiding Principles for Employees

401                                  Employees and Internal Relations

401.1                             Equal Employment Opportunity

401.2                             Employee Conflict of Interest

401.3                             Nepotism

401.4                             Employee Complaints

401.5                             Employee Records

401.5R1                        Employee Records Regulation

401.6                             OPEN

401.7                             Employee Travel Compensation

401.8                             Recognition for Service of Employees

401.9                             Employee Political Activity

401.10                           Credit Cards

401.11                           Employee Orientation

401.12                           Employee Use of Cell Phones

401.12R2                      Employee Use of Cell Phones Regulation

401.13                           Staff Technology Use/Social Networking

401.13R1                      Staff Technology Use/Social Networking Regulation

402                                  Employees and Outside Relations

402.1                             Release of Credit Information

402.2                             Child Abuse Reporting

402.3                             Abuse of Students by School District Employees

402.4                             Gift to Employees

402.5                             Public Complaints About Employees

402.6                             Employee Outside Employment

403                                  Employees’ Health and Well-Being

403.1                             Employee Physical Examinations

403.2                             Employee Injury on the Job

403.3                             Communicable Diseases – Employees

403.3E1                         Hepatits B Vaccine Information and Record

403.3R1                        Universal Precautions Regulation

403.4                             Hazardous Chemical Disclosure

403.5                             Substance-Free Workplace

403.5E1                         Substance-Free Workplace Notice to Employees

403.5R1                        Substance-Free Workplace Regulation

403.6                             Drug and Alcohol Testing Program

403.6E1                         Drug and Alcohol Testing Program Notice to Employees

403.6E2                         Drug and Alcohol Testing Program Acknowledgement Form

403.7                              Employee Vaccination/Testing for Covid-19

403.7R1                         Employee Vaccination/Testing for Covid-19 Regulation

403.7R2                        Required Notices to Employees

403.7E1                       Employee Personal Attestation of Vaccination Status

403.7E2                       Medical Accommodation Request Form

403.7E3                      Religious Accommodation Request Form

404                                  Employee Conduct and Appearance

404-R1                          Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics Regulation

404-R2                          Code of Rights and Responsibilities Regulation

405                                  Licensed Employees -  General

405.1                             Licensed Employees Defined

405.2                             Licensed Employee – Qualifications, Recruitment, Selection

405.3                             Licensed Employee Individual Contracts

405.4                             Licensed Employee Continuing Contracts

405.5                             Licensed Employee Work Day

405.6                             Licensed Employee Assignment

405.7                             Licensed Employee Transfers

405.8                             Licensed Employee Evaluation

405.9                             Licensed Employee Probationary Status

406                                  Licensed Employee Compensation and Benefits

406.1                             Licensed Employee Salary Schedule

406.2                             Licensed Employee Salary Schedule Advancement

406.3                             Licensed Employee Continuing for Extra Duty

406.4                             Licensed Employee Compensation For Extra Duty

406.5                             Licensed Employee Group Insurance Benefits

406.6                             Licensed Employee Tax Shelter Programs

407                                  Licensed Employee – Termination of Employment

407.1                             Licensed Employee Resignation

407.2                             Licensed Employee Contract Release

407.3                             Licensed Employee Retirement

407.4                             Licensed Employee Suspension

407.5                             Licensed Employee Reduction in Force

407.6                             Licensed Employee Early Retirement

408                                  Licensed Employee – Professional Development

408.1                             Licensed Employee Professional Development

408.2                             Licensed Employee Publication or Creation of Materials

408.3                             Licensed Employee Tutoring

409                                  Licensed Employee – Vacations and Leaves of Absence

409.1                             Licensed Employee Vacation – Holidays – Personal Leave

409.2                             Licensed Employee Personal Illness Leave

409.2E1                        Emergency Paid Sick Leave Request Form Under (FFCRA)

409.2E2                       Expanded Family and Medical Leave Request for Under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA)

409.3                             Licensed Employee Family and Medical Leave

409.3E1                         Licensed Employee Family and Medical Leave Notice to Employees

409.3E2                         Licensed Employee Family and Medical Leave Request Form

409.3R1                        Licensed Employee Family and Medical Leave Regulation

409.3R2                        Licensed Employee Family and Medical Leave Definitions

409.4                             Licensed Employee Bereavement Leave

409.5                             Licensed Employee Political Leave

409.6                             Licensed Employee Jury Duty Leave

409.7                             Licensed Employee Military Serve Leave

409.8                             Licensed Employee Unpaid Leave

410                                  Other Licensed Employees

410.1                             Substitute Teachers

410.2                             Summer School Licensed Employees

410.4                             Education Associate

411                                  Classified Employees – General

411.1                             Classified Employee Defined

411.2                             Classified Employee – Qualifications, Recruitment, Selection

411.3                             Classified Employee Contracts

411.4                             Classified Employee Licensing/Certification

411.5                             Classified Employee Assignment

411.6                             Classified Employee Transfers

411.7                             Classified Employee Evaluation

411.8                             Classified Employee Probationary Status

412                                  Classified Employee – Compensation and Benefits

412.1                             Classified Employee Compensation

412.2                             Classified Employee Wage and Overtime Compensation

412.3                             Classified Employee Group Insurance Benefits

412.4                             Classified Employee Tax Shelter Programs

413                                  Classified Employee – Termination of Employment

413.1                             Classified Employment Resignation

413.2                             Classified Employee Retirement

413.3                             Classified Employee Suspension

413.4                             Classified Employee Dismissal

413.5                             Classified Employee Reduction in Force

414                                  Classified Employee – Vacations and Leaves of Absence

414.1                             Classified Employee Vacations – Holidays – Personal Leave

414.2                             Classified Employee Personal Illness Leave

414.3                             Classified Employee Family and Medical Leave

414.3E1                         Classified Employee Family and Medical Leave Notice to Employees

414.3E2                         Classified Employee Family and Medical Leave Request Form

414.3R1                        Classified Employee Family and Medical Leave Regulation

414.3R2                        Classified Employee Family and Medical Leave Definitions

414.4                             Classified Employee Bereavement Leave

414.5                             Classified Employee Political Leave

414.6                             Classified Employee Jury Duty Leave

414.7                             Classified Employee Military Service Leave

414.8                             Classified Employee Unpaid Leave

414.9                             Classified Employee Professional Purposes Leave



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