School Board Elections in November

IASB logo with the words Get On Board on it. Iowa Association of School Boards and Osage Community School District urge Iowans passionate about education to consider running in the November 2, 2021 school board election.

Public schools need strong leadership and governance to ensure a bright future for all children and communities across the state.

Strong leadership is critical to moving education forward in our state. School board members play significant roles in their communities—they must have leadership, vision, and dedication. They are charged with accountability for student learning, determining educational goals, setting policy, overseeing school finances, and more.

School board members are elected to serve four-year terms, with elections taking place in odd-numbered years. Those elected receive no pay. Experienced school board members say the rewards of service lie in meeting the needs of children and communities.

The Osage Community School District has seats up for election on November 2. Nominations for open seats can be filed between August 23 and September 16. See all key dates and deadlines at

Nomination papers for school board seats are available from Helen Burrington, Board Secretary. School board candidates must obtain the signatures of at least 50 electors.For information on the rewards of board service, campaign finance disclosure law, conflict of interest, key dates, and candidate education, visit