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On-Line Access to Student Lunch Accounts

With Internet access to your JMC account you will be able to check your hot lunch account balance and also see your student’s purchase history and your family deposit history. You will also receive e-mail notifications when your student’s lunch account is running low.

Go to JMC Parent Access to view your students lunch account. Type your username and password. Make sure it is the correct year.  Go to lunch. You will be able to deposit money here at the top of the page. There is a fee for online deposit. If you have questions email me Brenda Huebsch at

Set your own low balance notice- Go to Academics--Alert Configuration then set your own low balance amount and save. 


Lunch Prices

Elementary - Lunch  $2.65 / Breakfast $1.20
Middle/High School - Lunch $2.70 / Breakfast $1.25
Adults - Lunch $4.15 / Breakfast $2.20

Milk- $.45

Hot Lunch Deposits

Students can deposit money into their family lunch account at the Lincoln School office or the Food Service Directors office located next to the Middle School Office until 10:00.

Option 1
Did you know that for no charge you can go on-line with your bank and have them send a check to the school through their “Bill Pay” system. You set this payment plan up with your bank and then any time you want to put money into your lunch account you go on-line to you bank website and into Bill Pay. The bank will then send a check to Osage Hot Lunch Program in the amount that you would like deposited. There is no charge for this transaction. You can also send weekly or monthly payments through bill pay. You do need to allow 4 to 5 business days for the money to be sent to the school. With our low balance e-mail notifications, you should have plenty of time to deposit money this way.

Option 2
You can also set up with your bank to automatically transfer money from your bank account to your hot lunch account on a monthly or weekly basis?  Contact your bank to get this set up. With this option, money is deposited on the same day of the month every month. You set up the date that you want the money deposited and then you don't have to do another thing all year long.

Neither of these two banking options will cost you money to set up. Using these deposit methods are simple and an easy way to ensure your student has money in their lunch account.

Option 3
You can also add money to your family lunch account that will be deposited the very same day in your student’s lunch account. For this on-line option, there is a $3.00 service fee. The money will show up in the student’s lunch account instantly.  JMC has a secure online payment processing system that lets parents pay for their hot lunch by electronic check or credit card anytime, anywhere. In order to use JMC to make a lunch deposit, you must go to the school web page, then to lunch account access. Sign in with your username and password. Go to lunch and at the top of the page you will see online deposit.  Here is where you deposit money. If you have questions call Brenda Huebsch at 641-732-5381.


Nutritional Information 

Nutrition Food Calculator

This calculator will determine whether a food product meets the Healthy Kids Act Nutritional Content Standards for a la carte, vending, and regulated fundraising items sold to students during the school day -



Attention  Middle/High School Families

LUNCH- As your students go from Lincoln School to Middle/High school they will see that the hot lunch program now offers more options. Students will be able to purchase either the menu's main meal OR purchase a salad  with the vegetables and fruits of the day. Both meals qualify for regular price ($2.70) free or reduce ($.40 ). High School Student also have the 'a la carte entrée, fruit, vegetable and a milk for ($2.70) as an option each day.  Everyone must have a fruit or vegetable on their tray to qualify for a meal. For the students who qualify for free or reduced (40¢) meals, they need to have money put into their accounts for any 'a la carte items. The 'a la carte items are not offered as a free or reduced meal. Students are not allowed to borrow for lunch.

BREAKFAST- The  Middle/High school cafeteria also offers breakfast for $1.25. Students that qualify for free or reduced meals can also eat breakfast (reduced price is 30¢) in the high school cafeteria.  For breakfast we offer 5 breakfast menus each w/milk, fruit, fruit juice. The 5 breakfasts are the Menu's Breakfast/Fruit/Milk, Granola Bar/Cereal/Milk/Juice, Bagel w/Cream Cheese/Milk/Juice, Egg/Sausage/Cheese Breakfast Sandwich/Milk/Fruit,  and Breakfast Muffin/Milk/Juice. You must have a Fruit and Milk to make it a meal(free or reduced.  We also offer the High/Middle School students 'a la carte items-milk, cereal, muffins, bagels, healthy snacks, fruit, yogurt, water, and juices. You must have money in your account to buy A la Carte items.

High/Middle School families also have the option to block their child from having 'a la carte items. Contact Mrs. Huebsch at 732-5381 if you want to totally block your student from purchasing 'a la carte foods.


Negative Balance Policy

Osage schools are committed to providing meals to students who choose to participate in the school lunch program but also feel very strongly that there is an obligation to take care of debts in a timely manner.  There is a responsibility on the parents/guardians to satisfy all financial obligations to the lunch program. In order to provide students and parents/guardians in the Osage School District with the best possible service, clarity, and accountability surrounding the school lunch program, the following procedures regarding student lunch account balances will be implemented August 1, 2019.

We offer access in JMC  Lunch Page that allows parents to follow your child’s daily activity and family balance. We encourage you to visit the site and see what your children are eating. Grades 5-12 will notice a ring tone when their balance gets low reminding them that money will soon need to be added to their lunch account.

All students must have cash in their accounts to purchase ala carte items even if they are free or reduced students. Ala carte items may not be purchased to any account with a negative balance.

Note: Families with more than one student will go negative at a much faster pace.

As the negative balance gets between -$15.00 to -$19.00, the family will get a call from the Food Service Director.

She will inform the family that once a student’s account reaches $-20.00 they will receive the option meal which is a reimbursable alternative meal that meets all requirements. This student’s account will still be charged the regular meal price. This will continue until arrangements have been made with the office or until you have a positive balance.

Forms are available in JMC in the lunch page to fill out for free and reduce lunches for anyone that may be eligible.

Brenda Huebsch

Food Service Director

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August 2020