School Permit Information

School Permit Information for Students & Families

Driver's Education Classes

All students, prior to applying for a school permit, must have successfully taken and passed a Driver's Education Program.  The Osage Community School offers a Driver's Education Program through StreetSmarts.  StreetSmarts is a private provider of youth driver education in the State of Iowa and contracts with a multitude of schools across the state, including Osage.  Students who are eligible to take the required driver's education course may register via the StreetSmarts website.  Classes are offered three times a year which can be viewed online as well, so parents and students can pick a time that works for their schedules.

School Permit Application

After successful completion of an approved Driver's Education program, students and their parents must complete the required documents.  When documents have been completed in their entirety, students will need to deliver paperwork to the Office of the Superintendent at which time they will need to set an appointment for the student to speak with the Superintendent.  This meeting is only 3-5 minutes in length and involves a conversation about some of the Do's and Don'ts when using their school permit.  After the conversation, the Superintendent will sign their paperwork and students will be handed everything to take up to the Courthouse for final application of their school permit through the Department of Transportation.

School Permit Board Policy

Affidavit for School License

If you have any questions, please contact Renae Trettin, Assistant to the Superintendent at:  641-732-5381 or

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