Student Dress Code


Osage Community School students are expected to present a personal appearance of neatness and cleanliness.
School personnel reserve the right to determine whether or not appearance and attire are appropriate for school. If
the appearance and attire in question substantially disrupts and or negatively impacts the educational process, the
student will be asked to make an alteration to bring both appearance and attire into compliance with building
A student that is asked to make alteration to appearance and/or attire is expected to do so without question.
Repeat offenders may face disciplinary action, including detention, Saturday school, suspension, or meeting with
the Board of Education.
Typical violations in the area of appearance and attire result from immodestly worn apparel and/or inappropriate
slogans on clothing. Examples of unacceptable attire include the following:
* shirts that expose the midriff no bare stomachs
* shorts, tops, or dresses that are too revealing. ie. cleavage and/or exposed body parts at the discretion
of the staff.
* clothing that advertise illegal substances including but not limited to alcohol, tobacco, and drugs.
* clothing displaying obscenity, profanity, vulgarity, racial or sexual remarks, making reference to
prohibited conduct or similar displays.
* hats, bandanas, head scarves, students wearing their hoods up while wearing sweat shirts or other
such head attire worn during class time (acceptable on designated days only)
* tank top T-shirts