Osage Middle School Announcements

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Day 3


Today’s lunch is crispito, nachos, cheese sauce, lettuce salad, pears, cottage cheese, black bean salsa. Bananas are the fruit of the week.

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4th quarter midterm will be on April 24th; that’s Wednesday of next week. If you are struggling in a class, do NOT wait! Go talk to your teacher right away to work out a plan to get you the help you need!


There is an extremely large collection of lost & found clothing items, jackets/coats, shoes, water bottles, cups, and more in the office. This pile is HUGE and GROWING, SO PLEASE COME LOOK FOR YOUR ITEMS. Everything left unclaimed will be disposed of at the end of the year.


Did YOU bring your computer AND charger today? Remember to bring BOTH EVERYDAY!


Moped drivers: There is a new designated parking area in the same parking lot for your moped. A sign is posted on the fence but you will now be parking in the last 2 parking spaces closest to the road (not the 2nd and 3rd in).


When the time comes that you have to decide on lunch options for May term week, if you select a school sack lunch, this is what will be in it: sub sandwich, raisels (flavored raisins), chips (assorted), carrot sticks, fruit roll up.


If you are one of the 5th & 6th graders that took the youth cooking classes at the Seminary this info is for you: You are getting a bonus class on Tuesday, April 30th, to learn about where the food comes from (gardening). You will be in the dirt and outside so please make sure you are dressed accordingly. If it is raining you will be planting inside of the Press News building, but will still be picked up at the Seminary Building. Class will be done between 4:30 and 4:45.  If you want to, you can bring a pot to plant something in. There are a lot of flowers, herbs, and plants that you’ll be planting (Thanks to a nonprofit in Decorah, Seed Savers). Everyone will have their own seed(s) started and will be able to grow at home. 


GUMOTOS, Inc. is now OPEN every weekday before & after school! Get your goodies here for the rest of the year! Maybe you want to buy something to give to a friend, sibling or parent…Sharing is caring!


Middle School yearbook order forms can be picked up in the office if you are interested in ordering one.


Please remember at lunch and while passing by to check the board in the office window for your name or notes each day.


The next PRIDE ticket turn in date will be NEXT MONDAY, April 22nd.  


Mobile Mamma will be here next week on April 24th and 26th to visit with 6th and 8th graders.


The Combo Dance (grades 6-7-8) is next week on Friday on April 26!! More details will come on Monday!


The Osage Public Library is offering Brick-Time for 3rd-6th graders on Wednesdays, April 24  & May 22nd from 3:30-4:30 p.m. Youth can build and create their own designs or try some suggested
“challenges”.  A light snack will be served. To help in preparations, please contact the library to sign-up by calling or emailing (641-732-3323 or childrenopl@osage.net).


This week’s middle school activities:



8:30      7th grade TAG to St. Ansgar, return appx 1pm

4:30      7th & 8th grade girls track at Mason City; dismiss/depart 2:40

4:30      7th & 8th grade boys track at Charles City; dismiss/depart 2:40

Friday – No School     –     Have a wonderful long weekend with your family!