Student Health: Illness and Attendance Policy

Osage Community School District


 For students to optimally participate in their educational program, they need to be at their highest level of wellness.  Students need to be protected from communicable illness while attending school.  When a student appears ill, they will be monitored for fever, appetite, stools, and other signs of illness.  Upon any sign of illness, the parent/guardian will be notified concerning the illness, the need for medical care, and the need to remove the student temporarily from the school.  By adhering to this policy we can help protect students from unnecessary exposure to communicable diseases.

GUIDELINES:  The following conditions should be given serious consideration.  Any child with these conditions should not be sent to school, and will be sent home if these occur at school:

Fever: any child with a fever equal to or greater than 100º F orally.  The student must be fever free (without use of fever reducing meds) for 24 hours before returning to school.

Vomiting: any student who vomits (more than infant “spitting up”).  Students may return to school 24 hours after their LAST bout of vomiting (with or without fever).

Diarrhea:  any student who has liquid, loose, frequent stools which are not related to medication or food reaction.  Students may return to school 24 hours after last bout of diarrhea.

Thrush:  any student with yeast infection of the mouth (thrush).

Cold Symptoms:  Professional discretion will be used to evaluate any student with nasal discharge or cough.  Medical care is recommended for a student complaining of a sore throat.

Pink Eye, Conjunctivitis:  any student with redness, burning, watering, or discharge about the eyes.  Medical care is recommended.

Worms:  any student with pinworms or tapeworms in stools.  Medical care is recommended.  Child will need physician’s note to re-enter school.

Skin Rash:  any student with multiple lesioned rash accompanied by fever; any student with a skin rash or lesions typical of a communicable illness (scabies, chicken pox, measles, impetigo, ringworm, scarlatina).

Communicable Illness:  If your child becomes ill with a communicable disease on a day when school is not in session, please inform school personnel (voice mail or email). Parent letters will be used as needed throughout the school year. For the student to re-enter school, approval from the school nurse or a physician note stating the child is well enough to attend school.

** Any student who appears ill or complains of not feeling well while at school will be evaluated for symptoms by the school nurse, if available, or other school personnel to determine if a child should remain at school.  The parent or emergency designated person will be notified that a child needs to leave school due to illness.  Please respond to this request promptly to ensure minimal exposure of other students.